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It's January and Time to Jumpstart Your Wellness

Updated: May 30

It's another new year and another chance to start fresh. Even if grand New Year's resolutions are not your style, paying more attention to your health is an easy resolution that's important for everyone.

When it comes to taking care of your health, it's good to have a plan. Start by reviewing the Wellness Guidelines provided through your insurance benefits. These Guidelines offer recommendations for adult, perinatal, and children's screenings and immunizations. There is also a list of covered preventative services and benefits included in your plan.

Start by scheduling a yearly exam. That's the time to talk to your doctor about your total health, your risk factors and your family medical history. Those things determine what health screenings you need each year.

Health screenings can help spot a problem before it becomes a serious health issue. Preventative screenings are a big part of fighting disease. Many long-term illnesses can be prevented or managed better when found early. Most plans include preventative services with no out-of-pocket costs as long as you see a doctor in your health plan's network.

Being familiar with your health benefits will help you make better choices and give you peace of mind throughout the year. The more you know, the better you can look after your health.

-BCBSOK Connect Team

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