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The Importance of a Primary Care Provider

Having a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is one way to help you stay healthy and can serve as your go-to person to call when health problems do occur. Most PCPs are doctors, along with some nurses and physician assistants. Family members of all ages need their own PCP.

Why does this matter? A PCP is a trusted partner who gets to know us, as patients...our history, preferences and challenges. He/she can make sure we are up to date on treatments, screenings, and vaccines. A PCP can help detect, diagnose, treat, and manage many problems. He/she can teach healthy actions that might be needed, and order tests and medications. Finally, a PCP can recommend specialists, and/or make referrals when needed, and help coordinate care among specialists.

Click on the links below to find out more information on PCPs, why children need a PCP, and how to use Blue Cross's Provider Finder to search for a Primary Care Provider.

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